The Fertility Forum 2019

Saturday, 16th November


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Guiding you through IVF treatment options in Ireland

Dr. John Kennedy
Sims IVF

Group Medical Director, SIMS


The role of hormones on the fertility journey

Dr. Mary Ryan
Bon Secours Health System


Mercury and infertility: “Where your inner smile meets your outer smile”

Dr. David Heffron
Holistic Dentist


Polycystic ovary syndrome and fertility: Fertility treatment options 

Dr. Alejandro Aidape Arellano
Institut Marquès


Panel Discussion: The arguments for travelling abroad for fertility treatment

Dr. Raul OlivaresIVF Barcelona, &
The Fertility Partnership



Impact nutrition can have on fertility

Dealing with the grief: Miscarriage & unsuccessful IVF treatment

Sarah Keogh

Mairie Cregan



Overview on Irish legal system

Annette Hickey 
Poe Kiely Hogan Lanigan



The Advantages and Challenges of Ukrainian Surrogacy

Susan Kibler
Delivering Dreams


Panel discussion:
Government, finance, ethics & regulation around fertility treatment options in Ireland

Annette Hickey, PKHL
Tracey Horan, Tracy Horan & Co Solicitors
Dr. John Kennedy, SIMS IVF


Panel discussion:
How lifestyle changes may improve fertility (Mindfulness, nutrition & incorporating the impacts of stress on fertility)

Dr. Ciara Byrne, Sage Fertility
Siobhan Hennelly & Emer Burke, Food Fitness Fertility
Claire Grady, ANU Wellness
Lisa Morrissey, BabySteps


Alternative family building options – A focus on adoption in Ireland

Emily Westbrooks
Writer & Editor


Natural ways to improve your fertility

Helena Tubridy
Helena Tubridy & Co


Panel discussion:
The Surrogacy Journey

Chair – Dil Wickremasinghe, Broadcaster
Fiona Whyte & Seán Malone, Authors
Susan Kibler, Delivering Dreams


Panel discussion:
Dealing with and treating endometriosis

Chair: Kathleen King, Endometriosis Association of Ireland
Helena Tubridy, Helena Tubridy & Co
Dr. John Kennedy, Sims IVF
Irene Scarff, Willows Clinic 



Closing remarks



Closing remarks